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22nd - 25th October, 2020

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Without the help of our sponsors HackTheMidlands simply would not be possible. Our sponsors are wonderful, have loads of experience and are here to help! We will be releasing more sponsors as we get closer to the event, and if you're interested in becoming a sponsor for HackTheMidlands 2020 then please register your interest below!

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Meet the team

Without a team of dedicated volunteers this hackathon simply would not happen. Here's your chance to meet the awesome people who are behind HackTheMidlands.

Tom Goodman

Boss Man
CEO / Lead Organiser

Liam Sorta

Bigger Boss man
CMO / Delight Lead

Helena Bower

The True HTM Overlord
COO / Publicity Lead

Charlie de Freitas

Scary Questions Boi
Logistics Lead

Will Russell

Dongle Boi
Outreach and Engagement Lead

Justin Chadwell

1337 H4cKerM4N
Web and CTF Lead

Alex Wiley

Website Genie
Creative Lead

Fraser Wade

Mesh Router Fanatic
Networking Lead

Jon Kingsley

Theatre Kid
Stage Manager

Daniel Spencer

Lord of the Bots
Web and AV

Likkan Chung

Count Tweetula
Publicity Officer

Jon Freer

Stream God
Stream Content / Production

Hugh Wells

King Crab