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HackTheMidlands 6.0

  • Virtual Event

  • 28th - 31st October 2021

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Learn, build and share your amazing ideas in a welcoming community

Usually HackTheMidlands is a 24-hour hackathon, or “creative marathon”, which was founded in 2016. We provide a unique space for hundreds of passionate technologists like you to share their experiences, meet new people and learn something new - gaining valuable skills in the process.

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The event

During the event, people aged 14+ of all skill levels (you don't have to be a professional or a student! Just be lovely, passionate and interested in tech!) will come together to share ideas, and create new and awesome projects! (Not sure what a hackathon is? MLH have a great explanation here).

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Date & Time

Date & Time

The event will run online via Discord between the 28th - 31st October 2021. Don't miss out!

Participate with Discord

Participate with Discord

We’re running this years event through discord. Make sure to join the server to get involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?

A computer 💻, a Discord account 👾, and a passion to get involved 🔥 We’d recommend a headset to communicate with your team, but that’s not essential! 🎧

Can Under 18s Attend?

YES! Anyone is welcome at the event, and we’ll be ensuring that the Discord is a safe and friendly environment for everyone 🥰

What if I don't know how to code?

That is not a problem! A great way to learn how to code is by attending a hackathon 👩‍💻 It's an event for like-minded people to share what they are interested in and teach each-other what they are passionate about, whether it's coding, electronics or anything else you want to know about 💡 You never know what new skill you might pick up! You can also ask specific questions to our mentors and other participants in the Discord server 🙋 We’re all here to help!

I don't have a team

Don't worry! Many people don't have a team when they turn up to a hackathon. We have a dedicated channel on our Discord server (#looking-for-team) where people are looking for teams, and teams are looking for members, and we’ll be running an icebreaker session 🧊 to help you find teams on the day👋

What's the code of conduct?

We expect all our attendees and organisers to follow the Hack Code of Conduct.

Get involved with us

We’ll be posting all of our updates over on our socials so be sure to give us a follow, and join the Discord server to participate 💖 We’ll see you there! ✨

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