We safeguard everyone, adults and children, at HackTheMidlands. However the below is specific to under 18s

Important Documents

Consent form

We require all under 18s who attend our event to have a completed consent form. If you arrive without one you will NOT be permitted entry to the event. We will have a number of these on the checkin-desk if you have a parent/guardian present to sign it.

We may accept scanned / emailed consent forms at our discression. We do not have to provide entry to this event.

You can get a consent form by clicking here!

Medical form

We also require all our under 18s to have a physical medical form.

Although we will always administer emergency first aid, if prior consent is not given you will not be allowed to attend the event

You can get a medical form by clicking here!


I don't want my child getting involved in 'Hacking'

The Hacking we do isn't illegal or malicious, but instead refers to ‘hacking together' a piece of software etc. - MLH have a great FAQ here: mlh.io/parent-hackathon-guide

I'm concerned about the safety of my child

We put a lot of time into making the event safe for everyone. You can view the ways we do this below

I don't want my child to stay overnight

You can collect your child at any point throughout the event as long as you sign out with a member of staff, however a large variety of activities take place in the evening / overnight so recommend they stay for the full experience.

I'm concerned about the responsibility of the staff

All our staff hold an enhanced DBS check and background check with safeguarding and advanced first aid trained staff available at all times.

My child has a medical condition

Please make sure to note this in the required medical form. Staff will be made aware of the problem and there will be a dedicated First Aider on site at all times.

My child is a fussy eater. How will you cater?

We offer a wide variety of food options, however in the circumstance that there is nothing for them we'll try our best to source other food. You're welcome to bring your own food.

Will my child get any sleep?

While we cannot force your child to sleep if they choose not to, we do encourage it. Comfortable quiet sleeping areas will be provided.

How do the sleeping areas work?

U18 Sleeping areas will be completely separated from adult areas and gender seperated. These areas will be managed by members of our safeguarding team and overnight security.

Can I take my child offsite?

Yes at any time. You however must sign out with a member of staff before leaving.

What happens if there is a problem at the event?

In the unlikely event that anything happens that concerns the wellbeing of your child, we will resolve the situation as quickly as possible and let you know immediately via the phone number given on the consent form.

What will you do with my child's photos?

The photos will be posted online and used for future advertisements of the event. They will not be named unless they win a prize.

I need to talk to someone at the event

You can contact us at any point on: 0141 280 3548

How we ensure child safety

Our Volunteers




The above information has been shared and confirmed with the Birmingham Local Area Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Our Child Protection Policy can be found here

Meet The Team

Tom Goodman

Designated Safeguarding Person

Will Russell

Designated Safeguarding Person



In the event of an emergency, you can call us on 0141 280 3548.


To talk to us, you can phone us on 0141 280 3548

Or Email us at hackthemidlands@gmail.com

Secure email: hackthemidlands@protonmail.com